Whether you've been doing the social media thing for a while and are just not seeing the results you were hoping for, or your small business is just about the get on the social media bandwagon, this package will help guide your direction and offer you strategies to help make social media a successful (and fun!) communications channel for your business.

This package is just right for your small business if…

  • you're not doing any social media yet and you have absolutely no idea where to start. I will create a plan with the channels you should pursue, and how you can make it happen.
  • you're already doing the social media thing, but you're not seeing the results you were hoping for. I'll do an audit of all your profiles and give you recommendations for improving your efforts.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • Which social media channels make the most sense for your business and why
  • Which social media channels you can either skip or put at the bottom of your priority list and why
  • Best practices and recommendations for managing profiles for main recommended channels
  • Recommendations around posting schedules and frequency
  • What information your customers are looking for when they land on your social media profiles and content suggestions
  • How you can make your social media an engaging and fun experience that makes your customers like and trust you
  • A high-level overview of competitor social media activity (looking at 3-4 competitors)
  • How social media can help support your marketing goals

This package includes a full written report with all my recommendations and research (including competitive analysis). I will also provide you with tools, resources and ideas to help get you going.

Not included: Actual maintenance of any profiles. Set-up of profiles or any other elements recommended in the report.

How the project works

Once you have paid, you will receive an email with a small questionnaire that will give me the information I need about your business to get your project started. Once I have this information, I will let you know the approximate timeline for the project. If at any time you have any questions or need clarification, I will always be available via email to answer your queries.

Once the project is completed, I will submit a full report to you for your reference and future use. If at this time you would like to schedule some one-on-one time to go over the report and ask questions you can request a 30 minute Skype session at $60, or a full hour at $90. We can also discuss costs for more consulting work if you would like me to continue working with your business.

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*Canadian small businesses will be charged the GST rate of 5%

Kathleen Pisano,
The Noblo Umbrella Buddy

"I would just like to thank you for the social media attack. My business partner and I realize that our social media was extremely underdeveloped with the Noblo. You have given us so much information about how to develop our Facebook use and exposure. We had never thought of posting information to educate the public with tips for going to the beach. Twitter is a whole different world for us. You are right about people feeling uncomfortable about what they tweet and I see your point that we should just tweet to continue the social conversation out there. We feel that we are going to begin our attack with Facebook following your guidelines and then eventually work on Twitter."

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