This package covers all the basics your small business needs to get going on search engine marketing (or getting Google to like you). For some (very lucky) small businesses without much competition, this will be enough to catapult you in search results. For businesses in highly competitive fields, this package will lay the foundation for all of your future search marketing efforts.

What this package will do for your business:

  • Get a list of important keywords that customers use to search for your business, including the best opportunities to take on your competitors.
  • Find out what your competitors are doing, and how your business can stand out from the crowd.
  • Give Google and other search engines the website content they need to give your site the attention it deserves. This includes proper tagging and on-page content optimization (this is just a fancy way to say that we'll get keywords into your content in a way that is authentic and natural).
  • Have a plan of attack for keeping your search engine fires stoked. Learn what you should be doing on an ongoing basis, and which online marketing strategies will help boost your rankings, to either implement right away or in the future.

What the package includes:

  • Keyword research and strategy development*
  • Competitive research
  • Optimizing your website content**
  • A full report with everything I've done and recommendations for what to do moving forward

* If your keyword research needs involve extensive research into various geographic locations or you have a large service offering, this price may need to be adjusted. We will discuss at the outset of your SEO project.

** This package includes optimization for up to 5 website pages. For larger sites and additional pages, a custom quotation will need to be provided. Contact me for more details.

This package is perfect for small businesses that want (and need) to get traffic from online searches, but don't have the slightest clue what to do or where to begin. This package will also work for you if you have done some basic activities (such as listing your business online or creating website tags), but you've done it with no real plan or strategy in mind and you're not seeing the results you need. In this case, I will take what you've done and build/improve on it.

This package is NOT for your small business if you've already worked with an SEO or SEM professional and are looking for more advanced strategies to get your website performing better in search rankings. If this is you, an ongoing monthly maintenance plan is your best bet. Contact me for more details.

How the project works

Once you have paid your deposit, you will receive an email with a small questionnaire that will give me the information I need about your business to get your project started. Once I have this information, I will let you know via email the approximate timeline for the project and the payment schedule. If at any time you have any questions or need clarification, I will always be available via email to answer your queries.

Once the project is completed, I will submit a full report for your reference and future use. If at this time you would like to schedule some one-on-one time to go over the report and ask questions, you can request a 30 minute Skype session at $60, or a full hour at $90. We can also discuss costs for more consulting work if you would like me to continue working with your business.

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Pay your 1/3 deposit ($281) to get the project going. We'll then discuss timelines and payment schedule.

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*Canadian small businesses will be charged the GST rate of 5%

Susan Scarlett,
Indigo Star Jewellery

"I hired Martina to help with my website's online presence. She researched my competitors and implemented SEO strategies that helped my company achieve amazing search engine results in a short period of time - she literally put my company on the map in terms of search rankings and my website traffic has gone up as a result. Martina is such a pleasure to work with."

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