If you've just started a small business, or you're just getting your feet wet in the internet marketing world and you're not sure what the heck you should be doing, this is the package for you. I will create an online marketing strategy specifically for your small business.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • What your competitors are doing and how your business can stand out in your industry
  • What information your customers are looking for on your website/online and how to deliver a great experience
  • How your business should communicate to keep those customers interested, engaged and most importantly, liking and trusting your business
  • Which social media channels make the most sense for your business and why
  • Which internet marketing strategies your business should get on right away, and which should be farther down on your priority list (or not undertaken at all) and why

What this package includes:

  • Competitive research
  • Recommended internet marketing strategies
  • How you should implement each strategy for the best impact for your business
  • A full report encompassing all the above info
  • Resources, tools and ideas to help get you going. You will be armed with a plan, and ready to make it happen.

This package is perfect for small business owners that are completely new to internet marketing or have been doing some online stuff, but without a real plan or understanding of how to use internet communications to grow their business. If online marketing leaves you feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed, this package will help streamline your efforts and give you a plan of action to move your business forward.

How the project works

Once the project is completed, I will submit a full report to you for your reference and future use. If at this time you would like to schedule some one-on-one time to go over the report and ask questions, you can request a 30 minute Skype session at $60, or a full hour at $90. We can also discuss costs for more consulting work if you would like me to continue working with your business.

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*Canadian small businesses will be charged the GST rate of 5%

Derek Ing,
Dig Yardscapes

"When starting up our new business, we handed the marketing over to Martina and told her to go for it. We work in an industry that is pretty boring but Martina has managed to create a fun website and online presence that speaks to our customers in their language, not industry speak. The complete opposite of what our competitors are doing! As a start-up, we had a pretty limited budget, but she was able to make the most of it. She is now our go-to marketing gal!"

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