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10 common website mistakes and how to overcome them

Your website is your most important small business marketing tool. Hands down. It’s the foundation of not just your online efforts, but of everything you do. It’s gotta be good, right?

But what if you’re not a techie? Or a marketer? And you don’t have the budget to hire anyone? And you’ve got to handle it all on your own? And you don’t have a clue what you’re doing?

When you sign up for the Small Business Bliss e-newsletter, you will get exclusive access to a little report I did up that goes over some of the most common mistakes that small businesses make with their websites, and what you can do to overcome these faux pas. And the best part? A lot of these tips are easy to implement, won’t cost you anything, and don’t require technical skills.

By signing up, you will be part of a community of small business owners, where you can ask questions, learn from each other and share your own experiences.  In addition to the report, you can also expect to receive…

  • The latest posts on the blog, so that you will never miss an update. Topics range from small business marketing advice, internet marketing tips that are quick & easy to implement, inspiration for entrepreneurs and recommended tools to make your small biz life easier.
  • Access to information, resources and discounts that I don’t share on the blog and are just for my readers.
  • Valuable offers and promotions that can help save you money and get you going in the right direction.

But most of all, you will get frank, no nonsense advice that’s meant just for small businesses. Do you ever get the feeling that alot of the free information you find online is not meant for you? You’re right! So much of it is meant for large companies or professional bloggers & internet marketers. The goods I share here are to help support the needs and goals of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Is that you? Then please join us!

Aww, shucks!

“Martina’s business advice site is a very recent find, and it’s down to her that I’ve given my website a facelift. Her free download of common website mistakes is well worth a read. ‘Mistake #1 – It’s not immediately clear what your small business does or offers. And I’m talking immediately. Like 2 seconds.’ Oops. I was making the mistake that people came to my website already knowing about me… Martina, I have been hard at work all weekend giving my site a facelift – I hope you’ll agree it’s improved! I really appreciate the virtual “kick in the appropriate place” and have linked to you at the top of my “seller resources” page.” ~ Heather Leavers, Nifty Knits

“Great post Martina! Your emails are very inspiring and full of juicy business goodness. Thank-you, much appreciated!!” ~ Tanya Di Valentino, Whistler Yoga Conference

“Thanks for the informative blog post. I am just getting started on Twitter and can use all the tips I can get. Can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog.~ Debbie, Abracadabra Designs

“Loved this post and dig your style – it feels like you’re right in front of me, sharing your experience over a cup of coffee. And it’s refreshing to read pieces that aren’t cushioned by fluff, BS, or padded with paragraphs of justifications. I admire your quiet confidence and thank you so much for opening up and teaching us what you have learned.” ~ Lynne Quintana, Coaches Training

“I couldn’t help to reflect on the similarities of our stories – I too decided to leave the Corporate world and put my marketing skills to work for myself. Thanks for the great reminders in your post – your support is appreciated more than you know 🙂 I am so glad we connected! You always share such amazing inspiration and great tools ~ love re-sharing your great stuff!” ~ Barb Smith, Atlas Branding Agencies

“Thanks for providing the video on changing the order of tabs on Facebook. It was up-to-date and so easy to follow. With that information I’ve been able to improve our Facebook page for Relay for Life. Thanks!” ~ Louise

“Martina, your commitment to motivate us to be aware of all the possibilities with our social media is awesome! It is so easy to want to forget about it, it can seem tedious or time consuming for those of us not so into computers, thank you for being on the ball!!!” ~ Amanda Ing, Stafford Street Hot Yoga

“Great tips! I was just looking for info like this the other day, so this is perfect timing. Bookmarked & subscribed =)” ~ Keri, Dreaming Iris Design

“Hi Martina! What I’m most thankful about is your post saved me like 30 minutes of “reminding” my team who are assigned at customer service. Your pointers are the ones often overlooked as they deal with customers. I always tell them, “be a pleasant reflection of the clients; that’s what VAs are supposed to do.” Again, your tips here would be cool to poke them and stay motivated.” ~ Ruzanne, Oh Some Angels

“You’ve heard it all before in a dozen different places, but maybe never as succinctly. Here are the basic reasons a blog solves all of your major online marketing needs in one simple, compact package. If you want to know why a blog must literally be the beginning and end of your basic online marketing approach, look no further!” ~ Small Business Trends

“Hi Martina, Thank you for email and acknowledging me on twitter.I also appreciate your feedback. I am trying to figure out and learn about linking, SEO and blogging etiquette so I found your comments extremely useful.” ~Meryl Randman, Inspired by Mail




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