Small business blogging when you have nothing to say

by on August 26, 2010

You have nothing to say in your small business blog? Really??

This is a common objection I have heard many times from small business owners. The thought of finding some extra time in your busy sched to blog is overwhelming enough in and of itself, but having to come up with fresh, interesting and professional content to boot – yikes! And to add to this, if you are running a business in an industry that does not make the general public jump up and down with enthusiasm, I totally get why you think you have nothing to say.

And if you’re in the boat of “I have nothing to say” then you’re probably rowing with the “blogging has no value to me” oars. If you are, here are some reasons blogging rocks for your business:

  • Opens a communication channel with your customers
  • Establishes your credibility and expertise in your industry
  • Shows that you care enough about your business to blog about it
  • Gives you the chance to communicate ideas and information that don’t really fit nicely into your website content
  • Makes Google and other search engines think “yay, a website with refreshing content! I’m gonna remember you”

And on, and on. There are so many reasons why you should be blogging. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about what the heck to blog about when you can’t think of a darn thing.

ALL small businesses have something to communicate. Because your blog is about your business, and you have stuff going on all the time.

Still don’t believe you have something to say? Well, give these ideas a gander:

  • Answer common customer questions. One question = 1 blog post. (Bonus, you may even reduce customer service calls).
  • Figure out what fears and pain your customers are experiencing when it comes to your product or service, and address them.
  • Share news about your business. Anything. New staff. New services. An event you will be attending.
  • Educate your customers about what you do. Share your insight and expertise.
  • Talk about success stories and customer comments.
  • Discuss industry news and developments.
  • Leverage interesting articles and blog posts from your industry, sharing your own two cents on the topic (bonus: linking out to other sites is a great networking tool).

These are just a few ideas. Hungry for more? This is a great post from Sociatic with more blog post topic ideas. Or check out these 50 techniques for finding blogging topics.

And if you really want some proof of what I’m talking about, check out a blog post I wrote for one of my clients, Dig Yardscapes, about retaining walls. Yes, they have decided to undertake a blogging strategy even though most people would agree that retaining walls are about as boring you can get. And yes, I actually had fun writing the post.

Do you blog in a “boring” industry? Share your blog URL in the comments. Would love to hear how you overcame the have nothing to say hurdle.

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