Secret ingredient to your business model…happiness!

by on July 14, 2010

American hotelier Chip Conley shares with TED audiences in this 15 min clip his secret ingredient responsible for his business success – happiness!

He talks about how there are many tangible and intangible things that business owners can measure and how mostly the focus is on the tangible, because it’s easy to figure out. An example of a tangible aspect of your business is the number of sales you have made. The intangible in this example would be how your customers felt (and continue to feel) about doing business with you.

Chip argues that it’s the intangible aspects of your business that are the most valuable and I agree with him – this is where customer loyalty and employee satisfaction reside.  If your customers and your staff aren’t happy, your small business will struggle. Plain and simple.

So run your small business with happiness in mind.  Whether you’re focusing on training your staff or figuring out your next marketing push, how can you keep everyone smiling? And remember that happiness is contagious… it might start to follow you around everywhere 🙂

Check out the talk. What do you think?

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