Marketing quick tip: use the new LinkedIn endorsements tool

by on November 13, 2012

Endorse: (verb) Declare one’s public approval or support of.  Approval? Support? Small businesses say: “Yes, please!”

The new LinkedIn Endorsements tool is a great (not to mention fast and easy) way to receive endorsements and to give to others as well.

The first part of the equation is setting your “Skills” in your LinkedIn profile:

Under your LinkedIn Profile, go to “Edit Profile”, then “Skills”. There is a list of already created options or you can add one of your own making.  Make sure you add in order of importance, as this is the order others will be viewing your skills. Also, don’t forget about your keywords. The skills area is a great way to further optimize your profile. Not to mention the credibility boost that getting endorsed gives you. Oh yeah, and exposure in the news feed. Yay!

Once your skills are set, when someone visits your LinkedIn profile, they will be able to endorse you for these skills.  A visual graph will show how many of your peers have endorsed you for each skill.

Gratitude groove.

And this certainly isn’t all about the taking – think of how giving out endorsements will keep you engaged with your LinkedIn contacts.  A very proactive networking option to give shout outs and thanks to others! And if someone has endorsed you, put endorsing them back on your marketing to-do list.

Small gestures go a long way to building solid relationships. Relationships help small businesses flourish. Let LinkedIn help.

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