Marketing quick tip – see when your Page has been tagged on Facebook

by on October 8, 2014

You know that you can tag other pages on Facebook. It’s a strategy that I always recommend. It lets you network and build relationships, give credit where credit is due, and just generally put out the good vibes.

But have you ever wondered if your own Page is being tagged by others?

Unfortunately, Facebook’s notifications leave a little to be desired. There was a point earlier this year where a post that you are tagged in may have shown up on your page’s newsfeed. Not seeing this anymore.

So where can you see the tagging or the mention?

You won’t see it in your notifications.

You won’t see it in the “Posts to Page” section on your page when you’re just looking at it from your profile.

What you have to do is manually click on the “Posts to Page” section.

Find Facebook tags

Then, that little window will show up and here you should see any posts that have tagged you.

Posts to Page tagging

I have found this is a little sporadic and doesn’t show all of them, but at least you can keep tabs on some.

Recently one of my clients had a major customer service complaint posted on Facebook this way – their page was tagged in the customer’s status update. Even for the more regular tags where someone has shared your content or mentioned you in another positive way, it’s always nice to pop over to say thank you or like the post. You are getting exposure after all and being friendly and responsive on Facebook is the name of the game here folks!

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