Making Money Without Sacrificing your Values

by on February 17, 2011

profitable-idealismI have issues with certain corporations. With corporate greed. With a few select individuals exploiting their staff, their customers, our planet and making huge profits. Huge profits that go into sports cars and yachts and weekends in Vegas. While the regular people that make all this money possible struggle to pay their rent.

I say screw corporations – support small business!

(I know, I know. Not all corporations are evil. And lots of small businesses do crappy things just to make a buck. And lots of small businesses are incorporated, which technically means that they are a corporation. But let’s just continue on with generalities, shall we?)

I believe that small businesses can and should rule the world. And that the world needs them.

Are you with me?

This is the main reason that I believe so deeply in what I do for a living. I help small businesses that are the anti-thesis to the corporate machine. That are passionate about what they do and why. They bring good to the world. But also need to make enough money to support themselves and live the lifestyle they want.

Now have you ever thought that only in a perfect world you could run your business based on your values? But that in the real world, you gotta make money. Huge profits and integrity just don’t go hand in hand. To believe you can have both is idealistic, not realistic, you silly dreamer.

Well, Pace Smith and Johnny B. Truant are slamming those ever so common preconceived notions. They have created a program, Profitable Idealism, all about how making money and doing good can work in tandem. They are ready to show you exactly how to make that happen and are offering a special early bird discount (save $200! ) until this Tuesday, February 22nd, 11:59pm PST.

If this is something that you want to dive into, awesome! If not, that’s awesome too! Either way, I do recommend checking out Pace’s Profitable Idealism Manifesto, totally free and no plunking in your email required. If it inspires you, feel free to share it around. Here’s a little tidbit:

You can say yes to money, and say no to greed.

You can say yes to business, and say no to being evil.

You can say yes to profit, and say yes to idealism.

Here’s to creating businesses that operate on the win-win principle. On authentic and from the heart marketing. If you want to learn how you can manifest this in your world, check out Profitable Idealism. (And yes, there’s an affiliate commission in it for me if you go for it. And that’s a perfect example of the win-win. They made something good and I help to spread that good around which is good for me, good for you and good for them. And if it’s not for you? Well, it’s all good :))

I’m gonna leave you with one more quote, cause I’m just feeling ooey and gooey and all jazzed up about doing good while doing your work:

“You can have everything you want in life… if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Keep on rocking that small business of yours!

P.S If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the whole corporation thing, and how it all got started in the first place, the movie The Corporation totally changed my world. It definitely played a role in my decision to use my marketing skills to help small businesses succeed.

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