Harness your inner witness and use negative thinking to your advantage

by on February 27, 2013

Harness your inner witness

As a human being on this planet, you think negative thoughts. From a minor irritation to a full blown stress attack, negative thinking permeates our lives.

The problem, in your life and in your business, is that negative thoughts do cripple your efforts and make achieving your goals a more challenging journey.

“Turn that negative into a positive” or “Turn that frown upside down” are so easy to say, but so hard to do!

What to do about it

The first step is to notice the thoughts as they arise. Take them off auto-pilot. Become aware of them. Breathe.

Even being aware of your negative thoughts is already a huge step in the right direction.  Most are influenced by negative thinking without even realizing it!

Then think to yourself whether this thought actually helps or hinders you. Does it take you in the step in the right direction. Is it leading you towards the positive things you do want to accomplish?

If it helps: use it! If it hinders: throw it out!  And then be done with it and move on.

Your higher purpose

In business, this translates to the good you bring to the world. How your product or service helps people. And helps you too personally live the life you want.

Thoughts are things. What you think directly translates to the experience you will have on this earth.

Once you become more accustomed to noticing your thoughts, it’s time to start taking control. When you notice a negative thought pattern crop shift it around. Turn it into a positive.

One example is a negative thought pattern that I’m sure a lot of us entrepreneurs have. We get into jealous, fear based patterns when witnessing success of others and feeling like you are not measuring up. Rather than let this run it course, I grab this pattern and shift into positive. I think about why I admire these people and what I like about what they do. Their personal traits. Their marketing savvy. Whatever. And then I imagine myself also embodying these traits.

A negative thought becomes an empowering exercise.


Tell us how you shift your negative thinking patterns in the comments.

Image source: dan taylor / Flickr Creative Commons

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