Marketing quick tip – get the proper Google+ tagline (the most important part of your profile!)

by on May 15, 2015

If you’re going to be active on Google Plus, making the effort to add others to circles and start doing some connecting and networking, there is one crucial thing that you must do to ensure that your efforts aren’t in vain. It’s something that I see missing on profiles ALL the time.

The summary blurb or as G+ calls it, the tagline.

Why is it so important?

First and foremost, it lets people know what you are about. So it’s a key part of getting yourself out there!

But also, very importantly, the way that the Google+ platform works means that it is absolutely crucial to have a good summary blurb. As you’re on G+, to check out other profiles you can do a hover over to get some basic details – this is where the tagline truly shines. See below for what you will see as the hover over on my profiles, both business and personal…

Google Plus tagline

Google Plus Business Page


G+ tagline

Google+ Personal Profile







So when someone comes across your profile on Google Plus (maybe they’ve seen that you’ve circled them, or they saw your comment on a post, or the platform suggested your profile to connect with, for a few examples), more likely than not they will do a quick hover over to see what you’re about and decide right then and there whether to circle you or not. I reckon it’s pretty safe to say that most Google+ users won’t bother taking the step to click over to your profile to learn more about you. I know that I don’t. I decide based on the hover over preview.

How to create a good Google Plus tagline

Apart from a missing tagline, the other most common mistake I see is a summary blurb that exists, but is not created optimally and does not actually serve its purpose i.e. informing what you’re about. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a tagline that is too long and trails off before anything concrete has been communicated. Google truncates the profile at about 40 or so characters (with spaces). If you haven’t done it right, it can be just as bad as not having it in the first place, especially if your profile name (i.e. your brand) does not make it clear what you are about.

In the example below, the brand name and the logo do not communicate what the business does. The tagline was also started with the business name. As you can see, the tagline does not help to clarify at all about the biz.

Google Plus Tagline Mistake

For my biz page, the name (Small Business Bliss) makes it very obvious that I’m about small biz. So with the tagline I got “internet marketing” as well as “inspiration” in there to elaborate on how exactly I help small business. For my personal, I focused on the idea that I am a small biz cheerleader.

Where do I input my tagline?

Zip over to your About section, and right at the top of your “Story” section, you will see the tagline. There is not actually a limit to how long your tagline can be, but remember, the most important stuff, the meat of what you do, has to be right at the beginning, in the first 40 characters or so.

Where to add Google Plus tagline

So there you go. If you’re active (or planning to be) on G+, make sure that you’ve got a good tagline going.

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