Free marketing tool – check out how your webpage stacks up in terms of SEO

by on July 8, 2010

Free marketing tool - SEO Automatic SEO Report

Free marketing tool - SEO Automatic SEO Report

The folks at Search Engine Journal shared this free tool from SEO Automatic via their blog and it is a great place for any small business to identify instantly major problems in their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Or, as I like to call it, making Google like you 🙂 Once signed up, you can get free access to the Lite SEO report, which will give you feedback about your title, description, header, and keyword tags. Having these tags set up properly is a basic must-have for every website. Your report will tell you whether there is a major issue, something worth your attention, or if you’re good to go (a nice green check mark). You can then go on your merry way to fix things up (or give your self a pat on the back if all you see is green).

Using the insights from the report

Even if you don’t have full access to these parts of your website (or your eyes have just glazed over and you’re thinking what the heck is a header tag?), armed with this information, you can go to your webmaster to resolve the problems (and you never have to learn what a header tag is if you don’t want to, thank you very much!). And if whoever is in charge of your site is unable or unwilling to help you, you know it’s time to move on and find either a new website service provider or marketing consultant (or both) to make sure that all you see are green check marks.

Why should you care about SEO?

Don’t think that SEO or search engine marketing is important to your business? Perhaps it is not important for you to show up in search results for your keywords – maybe your target market does not use the web to find your business (which is becoming increasingly rare these days). But picture this scenario. A customer (whether current or potential) wants to find you specifically and types in your company name into the search bar and… you show up, but you are way down the list. Or even worse, you don’t show up at all! (And if you have never tried to search for your own company name, drop everything and do it right now). Not only does this look bad, but it could mean the loss of a sale or client. And I think that everyone would agree that this is not a good thing.

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Link Building July 10, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Interesting points. Even doing the small things like making sure your meta tags and descriptions contain your keywords boosts your rankings. Especially for local searches. Looking forward to your next post.


Martina July 12, 2010 at 5:07 pm

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the comment. I agree with you about the little things – they can often have a huge impact. Having proper website tags is a perfect example.


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