Jim Wood

former Regional Sales Manager, Sunrise Soya Foods

Martina is very personable, creative and bright. Her work updating a tired old Sunrise website to be much more current and user friendly was outstanding. She figured out what information consumers wanted and delivered. We got so much positive feedback on the site. If you were to work with Martina's company, you would be adding a very valuable resource. Finally, and not insignificant to any business, she is an absolute pleasure to be around!

Derek Ing

Owner, Dig Yardscapes

When starting up our new business, we handed the marketing over to Martina and told her to go for it. We work in an industry that is pretty boring but Martina has managed to create a fun website and online presence that speaks to our customers in their language, not industry speak. The complete opposite of what our competitors are doing! She also used her SEO savvy to get us qualified traffic from a keyword that we would never have thought of and has helped us move up the ranks for local search. As a start-up, we had a pretty limited budget, but she was able to make the most of it. She is now our go-to marketing gal!

Matthew Leung

Owner, ECD Graphics

Martina is insightful, super patient and really knows her stuff. No matter what industry we ask for her help in, she is able to develop a style and angle that's just right! She wrote the web copy for our website, and we have received lots of compliments on the writing style. Her copywriting is always very interesting and creative - it makes people read, which is so important. We are so happy to have Martina on board as our marketing consultant and feel very confident in using her services to help our own clients.

Laurent Munier

former Director of Sales and Marketing, Paystone Technologies

Martina is a very smart, talented and reliable marketer. It was great to have her working with me at Paystone. I would recommend Martina to others and will continue to work with her in her new company.

Susan Scarlett

Owner, Indigo Star Jewellery

I hired Martina to help with my website's online presence. She researched my competitors and implemented SEO strategies that helped my company achieve amazing search engine results in a short period of time - she literally put my company on the map in terms of search rankings and my website traffic has gone up as a result. Martina is such a pleasure to work with; her creativity and her ability to deliver tangible results is apparent in the work she does.

Heather Leavers

Owner, Nifty Knits

Martina's business advice site is a very recent find, and it's down to her that I've given my website a facelift. Her free download of common website mistakes is well worth a read. "Mistake #1 - It's not immediately clear what your small business does or offers. And I'm talking immediately. Like 2 seconds." Oops. I was making the mistake that people came to my website already knowing about me... Martina, I have been hard at work all weekend giving my site a facelift – I hope you'll agree it's improved! I really appreciate the virtual "kick in the appropriate place" and have linked to you at the top of my "seller resources" page.

Amanda Ing

Owner, Stafford Street Hot Yoga

A word of advice to small business owners. Social media is progressing so fast and furious, it can feel so overwhelming to try and keep up, let alone try to understand how to implement it in the best way possible for your very unique business. From working with Martina on our website, to having her help us integrate communication tools such as newsletters, blogs, tweets and tracking systems, Martina has proved herself savvy and excited to put us on the map. Having someone who is as motivated as she is to stay on top has given us peace of mind and consistency in providing our business with the best up to date online communication tools and programs. Thank you Martina for your sincere interest and support in growing our budding small business!

Bryan Krafchik

Owner, Loot Toy Company

Martina, you are a real gem to work with. You understand things that I still can't grasp and you make it so damn easy to work with you. Loot Trading is off to South Africa next month so hopefully we'll have more awesome products for us to collaborate on.

Melissa Vandermeer

Owner, Zayth

You are awesome - thank you so much. I briefly read through the beginning and love it. And... what a BRILLIANT idea on the tagline. That is a PERFECT solution. I could have virtually hugged you for mentioning help with the 2 banners on the site. I have been SO stressed about the wording and what to put up there. Thank you a million times for all the help in Mail Chimp. I really appreciate the way you haven't made me feel like I have no clue what I'm doing. You worked a TON on this for me today and I am truly grateful.

Jay Cadet

Owner, [co]3 Studio Relationship Coaching

Hey Martina, I think you're very clear and upfront about everything and I appreciate that. Your input was insightful and helped me see things differently (in a good way). I also appreciate you providing me with extra tips and strategies to make my page even better than expected! It was great working with you. I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing from me again. Looking forward to it!

Kathleen Pisano

Owner, The Noblo Umbrella Buddy

I would just like to thank you for the social media attack. My business partner and I realize that our social media was extremely underdeveloped with the Noblo. You have given us so much information about how to develop our Facebook use and exposure. We had never thought of posting information to educate the public with tips for going to the beach. Twitter is a whole different world for us. You are right about people feeling uncomfortable about what they tweet and I see your point that we should just tweet to continue the social conversation out there. We feel that we are going to begin our attack with Facebook following your guidelines and then eventually work on Twitter.

Leanne Marie

Owner, Leanne Marie Coaching

MARTINAAAAAAA!!!!!! Yipeeee - thanks SOOO MUCH!!!! I'll admit based on past experiences with different writers and such I was concerned about getting too excited when the first draft of copy came through because it usually led to disappointment! This was fabulous and some really great stuff - it definitely read as if I had written it!!! WOOOHOOOO - so happy!

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